Born in 1966 in Bournemouth, Kit, the Little Cream Van, came to reside in The Chiltern Hills in 2019.

He's quite old and has been lockdowned in his garage for the last few months but is raring (well at 20mph..) to get out and about again!

He likes to potter around The Chiltern Hills sourcing unusual brands and eclectic vintage items and showcasing his collection at country fairs and events. You can also buy his specially chosen items here online.

Kit likes to help people and do good and would be happy to discuss being part of your adventure or charity initiative. He's helped to raise funds for The Hospice of St Francis and enjoyed having his boot filled with all manner of fruit and veg at The Little Gaddesden Village Produce market last summer.

Give Kit a toot if you spot him out and about and tag us on Instagram @LittleCreamVan with #IveseenKit.

Little Gaddesden VPA market